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Aveeor Engineering was established approximately 20 years ago by Engineer Yossi Verner who initially freelanced in other offices and later founded the company. His rich experience in managing industrial factories, along with tireless work ethic, have led to the company's success—training a new generation of engineers and surveyors.


Today, the company's team includes mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and qualified property and real estate appraisers. The company's activities include surveying and valuation services for leading insurers in the market, financial institutions, as well as the reinsurance market in Europe and the US.

Our Team
Ohad Yavkovski—CEO, Partner

Mechanical Engineer (B.Sc.), Afeka College of Engineering, Tel Aviv. Previously worked as an Application Engineer in an industrial wastewater treatment company, acquiring extensive experience in systems design and construction. Started managing Aveeor's operations in 2015.

Yossi Verner—Founder

Mechanical Engineer (B.Sc.), Technion Haifa in 1976. For 20 years (1976-1996) he worked in manufacturing and engineering systems and factory management—primarily in the metal industry (furnace manufacturing and security doors) and process industry—and gained extensive experience in industrial field operations and factory management.

Subsequently, he entered the appraisal field, conducting surveys and risk assessment, and appraising property for insurance and other needs. Yossi established Aveeor, managed it for many years, and later transferred the management to Ohad Yavkovski. He continues to be fully active in the company.

Orit Ramot—Surveyor

Mechanical Engineer (B.Sc.), Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Be’er Sheva. Worked as a mechanical planner at a leading company engaged in product design and development for a wide range of clients, and gained experience in various industry fields.

Dalia Levy—Office Manager

Manages the office, responsible for ongoing contact with agents and insurance companies as well as the morale of field engineers.

Dudu Goldwitz—Surveyor

Civil Engineer (B.Sc.), Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Be'er Sheva. Worked as a structural and project engineer in major construction and entrepreneurial groups in Israel and acquired experience in various industry fields.

Raz Shani—Surveyor

Mechanical Engineer (B.Sc.), Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Be’er Sheva. Worked as a process engineer at a geothermal power plant design and construction company. Also, as a project engineer from the initiation phase to the construction and operation of renewable energy projects, mainly in solar energy projects, gaining experience in various industry fields.

Eliran Ziprut—Surveyor

BA in Economics and Business Administration, Ariel University, Ariel. Real Estate and Property Appraiser with a Ministry of Justice Certified License. Worked as an elementary insurance assessor in a leading appraiser's office, which included ongoing property damage treatment for insurers in Israel, gaining extensive experience in this field.

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